Joplyn – SEVERA (daughter of fate) (Spotify)

“Here is given explicit emphasis on colorful harmony, beautiful prototypical melody and incredible vocals! While listening, we realize that such music could be exclusively created in our times. This track is not only recommended for the fans of Melodic Techno, but also for those who appreciate high-quality sound.”

“Явный упор на красочную гармонию, красивую, очень необычную мелодию и невероятный микс из потрясающих вокальных партий! Во время прослушивания приходит осознание, что подобная музыка могла быть создана исключительно в наше время. Трек рекомендуется не только любителям электронной музыки, но и тем, кто ценит просто хороший и качественный звук.”

● JOPLYN is a young and upcoming songwriter, vocalist and producer / DJ from Berlin and her last electronica / house singles have already been remixed by electronic heavyweights such as Booka Shade, HOSH, John Monkman, 8Kays, Robot Koch, Florian Kruse...

● In the past, JOPLYNs work has been reviewed positively by major publications such as Clash Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Musikexpress, Billboard Asia, Business Punk and DJ Mag.

Several songs were also featured on Spotify’s playlists such as: Off Pop, New Music Friday Germany & UK, Indie Radar, Gegen den Strom, Electronic Rising, Lowkey Tech, or Dance Brandneu... JOPLYN was also recently handpicked by the Spotify Editorial team to be featured in their SPOTIFY RADAR program which aims to bring exciting newcomer artists to an international audience. She now has about 100k Monthly Listeners and about 5M streams.

● Her single “OUTER SPACE” was featured for over 2min on the new NETFLIX show “WE ARE THE WAVE” (3rd episode) and garnered over 30k Shazams.... Check out the elaborate official music video here:

● JOPLYN has released over 2 dozen songs already and with her last single “SLOWLY START AGAIN” Joplyn delivered a mid-tempo electronic song which interacts between melancholic and euphoric moods and lyrics. Watch the official vibey music video here:

● She also recently collaborated with electronic giants BOOKA SHADE again and is featured on their latest single “POLAR LIGHTS” which they co-wrote together as well as with FLORIAN KRUSE (Kompakt, Blaufield Music, Terminal M) with whom she did a collaboration with the track “HOURGLASS” last year.

● One of her last singles “MIND ACTRESS”, a vibrant deep house song also featured an elaborate music video, shot in Berlin. JOPLYN wrote the script, directed the video herself and also did the editing to exercise her full creative vision, watch here:
● For her latest single “SEVERA (daughter of fate)” JOPLYN cleverly combines different elements to an exciting mixture of: Berlin Club Beats, ancient ethnic vocal samples, her own angelic voice and analogue synths and weird arrangements. Check out the music video that JOPLYN filmed and directed on her recent trip through Italy:

● Music Commentary:

The track starts directly with a driving beat and a syncopated vocal chop before the main “old fado vocal sample” gets introduced. The vocal exclaims pain and emotion, supported by warm synths and strings and a melodic line that mirrors the key element. Joplyn’s own vocals enter and warmly keep the melancholic feeling going, while the new bassline and added drums keep the groove going.

In the breakdown the fado sample gets filtered in parallel to the old solina pads and strings creating a mystical yet familiar wam vibe, the drums and synths keep building before the peak of the song.

Now the beat and heavy bassline drive the energy alone and the main elements slowly get re-introduced with added vocal ad-libs and more dramatic synths before the song fades out into the sea of time...

● Lyric Commentary:

“Severa (daughter of fate)” is an homage to Maria Severa, a Portuguese singer and guitarist, claimed to be the first Fado singer. Her influence was paramount to the creation of the genre. The beginnings of Fado can be traced back to the 1820s in Lisbon, Portugal, but probably have much earlier origins. Lyrical themes often include the sea or the life of the poor, infused with a sentiment of resignation, fate and melancholia. Until this day, Fado has remained an integral part of national tradition and identity.

JOPLYN celebrates the perpetuity of Maria Severa’s impact on Portuguese art and culture, insisting that she remains a source of inspiration for generations to come. Her impact transcends time and place, almost manifesting her as this divine spirit watching over the streets of Lisbon, giving creativity to those who seek it - “Now every street echoes your name. Mythical woman. The Daughter of Fate.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 5, 2021