ViVA Trio – WILD & FREE (Video)

“The singing in this charming work plays a key role. Leads the listener through a rich neoclassical path, full of hugs and lulls. Definitely, this could be one of the best lullabies. We fell in love from the first seconds!”

“Голос в этом очаровывающем произведение играет ключевую роль. Он ведёт своего слушателя через богатое неоклассическое полотно, согревает, обнимает и убаюкивает. Однозначно, это одна из лучших колыбельных, которая влюбляет в себя с первых секунд!”

Award-Winning, International touring all female group, ViVA Trio returns with their new single WILD and FREE! Famous songwriter and Multi-Platinum UK Producer Ryan Louder, who’s worked with Dua Lipa and Dido, co-wrote and produced this track with ViVA Trio. This stunning song is an anthem of freedom and fearlessness. A centerpiece track of their upcoming concept album, WILD and FREE serves up cinematic drama and fantasy with an epic symphonic track and soaring vocals.

With tours spanning from Europe to the USA to Canada, the trio’s music has been featured on commercials in South Korea, on TV in Europe, Russia and Canada, and on 25 radio stations worldwide, including iHeart Radio Stations. Their recent releases have been featured on all the top four Canadian music blogs and more than 15 music blogs/magazines internationally. In under a week, their recent original song SIREN SONG received 13K views on YouTube, and over 50K plays on Spotify. ViVA Trio’s recent single LORIEN gathered over 90K views on Facebook.

WILD and FREE is another chapter in the unfolding of ViVA Trio’s upcoming concept album release, coming for this Winter. Lose yourself in the fantasy, let your hair down, and live in every moment with ViVA Trio’s powerhouse song: WILD and FREE.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 5, 2021