Jude Maloy – Besides My Dreams (Spotify)

“Abundance of feelings, captivating vocals and good Dream Pop atmosphere. "Jude Maloy" is an individual approach to the production of musical material. This charming composition shows the power of the artist's will and the ability to create through time and obstacles.”

“Изобилие чувств, пленительный вокал и добрая атмосфера dream pop. У -Jude Maloy- индивидуальный подход к формированию музыкального материала и эта очаровательная композиция показывает силу воли автора, и способность творить сквозь время и преграды.”


Up and coming singer songwriter Jude Maloy is creating heartfelt music beyond his only 19 years. Jude is releasing his second single “Besides My Dreams,” a song that captures the hurt and longing of wanting to be with someone “somewhere else besides my dreams.” This release follows Jude’s first single “Hey Ma.”

After being recruited in multiple sports for college, Jude chose to chase his musical dream and is in his second year studying music composition at NYU, where he is collaborating and creating with amazing peers. He was born in Oklahoma, moving to Nashville at a young age where he has grown up with and made music with some of the most talented people in the business. Jude just performed with his band, The 6th Floor, at Bowery Electric in New York City, and has more shows scheduled in NYC and Nashville, including an upcoming show at SOB’s. Jude’s music is both relatable and genre bending in a way that is both exciting and refreshing, with certainly more to come.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 24, 2021