Kat Penkin – Checkmate

“”Kat Penkin” grabs the opportunity to share her feelings through sound and also escape from a toxic environment. An interesting combination of Electro Pop and R&B patterns, unfold in slow progression for a strongly influencive result. Also her fragile voice communicates the message quite effectively.”


Today Kat Penkin releases the music video for ‘Checkmate’, the title track from her Ultra Records debut EP. Bringing flavours of British soul to the laidback pop ballad the video perfectly depicts the harrowing narrative of the single.


Kat explains; ‘Unfortunately, the ‘checkmate’ music video is based on a real story of an unhealthy love, suffocating 2 people who don’t know how to leave. Being able to bring this to life and work on such an intimate level with a wondering team was extremely empowering and I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to create something like this.’

Born in Devon, raised in Perth, Australia, and now based in Brighton, Kat has been hard at work writing and developing her nostalgic, but fresh sound. Blending relatable lyrics with Pop, R&B and soulful influences, her music is a unique melting pot of sensibility and sass.

Fostering a community of loyal fans and tastemaker support through her single releases last year Kat is on the rise and introduced her debut EP to the world in February this year. While none of us need reminding of the hellscape of lockdown, Kat’s tongue-in-cheek lyricism offers candid, witty insights into what life was like during that time. The debut EP ‘Checkmate’ is a taste of what’s to come for this exciting rising star. The six-track collection showcases Kat’s ability to shapeshift from raw balladry to disco-inspired bangers and back again. Expect the unexpected as Kat steps into the spotlight.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 17, 2022