“Let yourself and your thoughts flow out of the endless stream of daily worries. The wounds will be healed, the heartbeat slows down, let the river of life take you on its waves. Kepa Lehtinen knows how to sound design a cinematic story, where the emotions fly around on all sides, to nowhere, like feathers in the wind and the bond of piano keys and theremin seems like a couple of angels who dance in the rhythm of wind.”

“Отпусти себя и свои мысли в бесконечном потоке наших повседневных забот. Раны затягиваются, биение сердца замедляется, пусть река жизни уносит вас на своих волнах.”

The Maestro of the Theramin is out with a brand new song “NOwhere”... there is more to the instrument made famous by Scifi films from 50's.

The theremin, comes to life under the direction of the rising Finnish composer, Kepa Lehtinen on his new dark andante Nowhere.“The way i use theremin is quite unique. Together with double bass the theremin completes the piano like cello and violin does in classical piano trio.” The theremin is a electronic instrument which produces sound when your hands interact with the electro-magnetic field it emits without actually touching the device itself. It was invented in the labs of KGB by Russian engineer Leon Theremin in the early 1920s.

Strumming through the invisible electronic waves the Tonality play is unnoticeable. While harmonies are modern and complex; the overall feel seems to be nonetheless easily approachable and primitively hypnotic.

Insight to the world of the Theremin from Kepa….On the sound ”Retro but ultra hifi sound has been my goal at studio. Sound of sadness and past.” “Everybody wonders at my instrument,” ”but after all it is the most organic musical instrument there is. The sound is in direct contact with my breathing and the slightest movements of my body. I played the theremin part with a sore hand that I had hurt in a small skate accident i can feel the pain in my hand every time i listen to this track - lol”

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 28, 2020

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