Kim Brogli – Sweet Surrender Entwined

“The sonorous voice -kim Brogli- and the singing of the guitar strings of the Southern Rock genre seemed to be created for each other. It feels like a vocalist fulfills all his parties with a soul and love for his work and this instantly resonates with her listeners. Perhaps you will become one of them.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Звонкий голос -Kim Brogli- и пение гитарных струн жанра Southern Rock словно созданы друг для друга. Чувствуется, как вокалистка исполняет все свои партии с душой и любовью к своему делу и это мгновенно резонирует с её слушателями. Возможно, вы станете одним из них.”

This is just a fun, flirty song. It leans country. It's about a female having a crush on someone but he doesn't know and maybe she has thoughts for him she shouldn't. It's meant to be upbeat and fun.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 30, 2022