L.A. Chaí – All My Fight (Spotify)

“There is no noise here. Here is a fairy tale enchanting your ears from the wizard -L.A. Chaí-. Filled with splendor and so seemingly simple, but at the same time charming magic. Acquaintance with -All My Fight- is an instant and you will remember it forever.”

“Здесь нет шума. Здесь чарующая ваши уши сказка от волшебника -L.A. Chaí-. Наполненная великолепием и такой, казалось бы, простой, но при этом очаровательной магией. Знакомство с -All My Fight- это мгновение и вы его запомните навсегда.”


Artist shared few words behind his inspiration about this song with Nagamag:

" I wrote this song after during a really hard time in life when I was getting into a lot of arguments with a girl I had liked for a long time. It felt like we were always at odds and the worst part was, it seemed that we were fighting over the smallest and most unimportant things. After one fight in particular she left crying and I sat down at the piano to process. These are the things I wanted to say. I hope one day she’ll hear this. "


About L.A. Chai

There’s nothing like the Chaí in L.A.” - the famous phrase that led to the journey of a lifetime.

Andrew Bergthold is a producer, songwriter child of the 90’s. He developed a deep love for music in his hometown Kansas City Missouri. As a producer and writer Andrew has been a part of countless songs and projects spanning genres and languages and has already received one grammy and is currently nominated for two more. Andrew hopes to continue this legacy as he creates under his new artist platform as L.A. Chai. And he can’t wait to release songs and collaborative projects that bend and defy genres. You can expect songs to range from dark and edgy to upbeat and fun. As L.A. Chai leans into the idea that 'Good music transcends boundaries'.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 23, 2021