Laura Reznek – Blood Orange (Live)

“The song can be rightly considered by the quintessence of melodiousness, harmony and amazing atmosphere. In attractiveness and magic, she has no equal, it is so good. Voice -Laura Reznek- creates real miracles, and the instrumental part of the composition only adds to the necessary image ”

“Песня, которую по праву можно считать квинтэссенцией мелодичности, гармонии и потрясающей атмосферности. В притягательности и магии ей нет равных, настолько она хороша. Голос -Laura Reznek- творит настоящие чудеса, а инструментальная часть композиции лишь добавляет необходимых красок.”

Laura Reznek’s LP Agrimony was released October 29 on Birthday Cake Records. Agrimony charted on NACC Top 200 and was featured as Record of the Week on BBC Music Introducing.

‘Blood Orange’ came out of a fit of rage after a trip to Whole Foods. It tells the story of a team of disillusioned suits trying to figure out how to re-brand various fruit in order to make it sell, having become so disconnected from nature they forget that the fruit in its pure form is perfect as it. The simplicity of their childhood is a distant memory, one they are desperately trying to return to.

About this version:

“I felt the need to revisit a few of the songs off Agrimony, and after two years of solitude I knew I needed to revisit them with a big group of friends. ‘Blood Orange’ is the track I chose to release alongside Agrimony because I felt like it tied up a lot of the themes of the record, especially as the last song I wrote for it, and so was wanting a sort of ‘thesis statement’ as it were. As it was written so close to the start of the pandemic, I never really got to play it live and I knew it would be cathartic to do so once I got the chance to get in a big room with humans again. This group of exceptionally talented musicians are people I know from various points in my life, some of them from my time at VCC School of Music, and folks who I’ve met along the way in the Vancouver scene over the years. We recorded it live off the floor at Afterlife Studios, engineered by Olivia Quan, produced by myself and Shane Stephenson, with Raunie Mae Baker behind the camera.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 17, 2022