Leonard Island – Lighthouse

“Somewhere there, outside the horizons of unfulfilled hopes, the ship leaving into the side lonely swayed. The only guiding star for him is the bright, glimpse of the lighthouse. Keep the spiritual radiance, this is the only true path along which you will find the same bright souls. And let this charming Melody Indie Folk help you with this. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Где-то там, за горизонтами несбывшихся надежд, одиноко покачивается уходящее в даль судно. Единственной путеводной звездой для него является яркий, проблесковый свет маяка. Сохраняйте душевное сияние, это единственно верный путь, по которому вас найдут такие же светлые души. И пусть эта очаровательная мелодия Indie Folk поможет вам в этом.”


Population of one, Leonard Island stands encased in a shroud of fog. Concealed by the whiteness, only sounds of the ocean reveal the it’s presence to the lighthouse keeper. Estranged from the rest of the world 364 days a year (they get Christmas off)- the light shudders to find it’s place in the haze. Uncertain of its position and function, the light flashes in a Morse-code like fashion at its coastal twin across the water. “Two for I still do, three for I love you”


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 24, 2022