Lisa Andrea Torres, Hadrien Feraud, Stephan Oberhoff, GREG DIAZ, Jimmy Branl – Bedtime Story – song by Lisa Andrea Torres, Hadrien Feraud, Stephan Oberhoff, GREG DIAZ, Jimmy Branly | Spotify (Spotify)

“From the first chords you dive into the musical whirlpool and plunge into a beautiful story, whose melodic component is able to influence even the most sophisticated listener! Enjoy some rustling elements of percussion, keyboard patterns and also the charming voice of -Lisa Andrea Torres-. High concentration of positive energy guaranteed!”

“С первых аккордов ныряешь в музыкальный водоворот и окунаешься в красивую историю, чья мелодичная составляющая способна вскружить голову даже самому искушённому слушателю! Шуршание перкуссионных инструментов, клавишные и очаровательный голос -Lisa Andrea Torres-. Высокая концентрация положительной энергии вам гарантируется!”

Lush beautiful strings, soft breathy lead/background vocals, and imaginative woodwinds set with percussion, electric bass and drums makes this derivative work of Herbie Hancock’s instrumental “Tell Me a Bedtime Story”, a gorgeous symphonic rendition complete with lyrics and new 6/8 meter. Arranged by Stephan Oberhoff, this magical, fully-orchestrated take on the 1969 jazz classic, delivers a fresh, enigmatic and romantic version of Herbie’s beautiful and soulful composition. Recorded in Los Angeles, CA 2020 – 2021 and co-produced by lead vocalist/songwriter Lisa Andrea Torres and musician/arranger Stephan Oberhoff as he leads the way playing Rhodes, guitar, percussion, virtual strings, and background vocals. Also singing background vocals, tenor sax soloist Greg Diaz enriches this song by his woodwind arrangement and precision phrasing. Outstanding performances by world-class rhythm section players gives this song a unique texture and feel as French bassist Hadrien Feruad lends his solid groove and subtle nuances along with Cuba-born renown sensitive and creative, drummer Jimmy Branly. Mixed and mastered with impeccable sensitivity and color by grammy-nominee, MarTeen, this rare gem offers ear candy to both jazz lovers AND music lovers in general.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 24, 2021