“Somewhere there, behind the high mountains, behind the boiling streams of the seas and rivers, a lost paradise lurks in silence. In his prairies, the pleasant melody of Indie Folk plays and the singing of a talented singer, who invites everyone to this world who can find this paradise, is heard.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Где-то там, за высокими горами, за бурлящими потоками морей и рек, таится в тишине потерянный рай. В его прериях играет приятная мелодия Indie Folk и слышно пение талантливого певца, который приглашает каждого в этот мир, кто сможет найти этот райский уголок.”


Luke Warm and The Cold Ones are sharing a nostalgic and reflective single, the alternative and folk rock inflected “Paradise Lost.” Written by lead singer Greg Chomut after visiting a friend he hadn’t seen in a while, the song’s lyrics flowed out of him.

Emotive guitars, earnest vocals, and the violin skills of Dreamhouse Studios’ Kara MacKinlay create a melancholic overture that illustrates the importance of caring for what you have before it’s too late.

Luke Warm and The Cold Ones is a rock band based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

As such, their music is reflective of the Northern experience of living in a small Canadian town.

The variety of influences which their five members bring to the band creates a sound that is familiar and new at the same time. Everything from punk to folk, metal, classic rock, and hip hop seamlessly blend into a refreshingly contemporary sound.

Much of their music focuses on the more painful side of the human condition, but in a fun way that gets people moving and having a good time in a therapeutic manner.