“You will not notice how you will blame your glass, which was filled with you before listening to this jazz composition. The last hope is fraught in the soul that the moment of anticipation of something important will never end, but the curtain falls and you are again alone with yourself. What remains, how to turn on this miracle to repeat again and again. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы не заметите, как опустеет ваш бокал, который был наполнен вами до начала прослушивания этой джазовой композиции. В душе таит последняя надежда, что момент предвкушения чего-то важного никогда не закончится, но падает занавес и вы вновь наедине с самим собой. Что остаётся, как включить это чудо на повтор вновь и вновь.”


Einsemd is the first single from Marína Ósk's second solo album, One Evening in July, to be released in August 2022 with Swedish Record Label TengTones. Music and lyrics were written by Marína Ósk.

Einsemd (transl. Loneliness) is a bluesy, walking ballad, where a lonesome trumpet has a dreamy conversation with a misty voice, while a crying guitar and a moody double bass try to make create a steady heartbeat.

The lyrics describe an evening when the storyteller is about to go to sleep but simply can't - because their better half is not there. They talk to the night, stare into the dark nothing and wonder when this loneliness will end. Even if you don't understand each word, the bluesy feeling might get you anyway!

The song is played by Icelandic jazz vocalist's quartet, "Marína Ósk Kvartett"; an Icelandic/Swedish drum-less jazz band. The band was put together by Marína Ósk herself with the intention of finding other musicians who happen to love the same kind of jazz she does; oldish swing jazz from the 50's. She found her musical soulmates in Icelandic guitar player Mikael Máni Ásmundsson and the Tengholm brothers from Sweden, trumpeter Erik and double bassist Johan.