Marjorie – Doesn’t Exist (Spotify)

“"Marjorie" offer a pre-listen of their upcoming single, which cannot pass unoticed from the fans of Chillwave. Work based on solo singing and relaxing attitude. All you have to do is prepare your favourite drink and trust this elegant sound.”

Marjorie - New York-based vocalist Melodie Stancato and multi-instrumentalist Zachary Taube - share the eponymous lead single off their upcoming debut EP Doesn’t Exist, out January 21 on Whatever’s Clever.

“Doesn’t Exist” is a Broadcast-esque track that hinges on a choral round shared by lead singer Melodie Stancato and multi-instrumentalist Zachary Taube: “Time was wasted. So were we, my friend,” the pair sings. It’s an atmospheric tune built around keyboard block chords and finished with bell-like, arpeggiated synths and zoned-out saxophone.

Full EP Out January 21, 2022 on Whatever’s Clever!

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 10, 2022