Mark Sutton – Childhood Dreams (Spotify)

“The composer and performer Mark Sutton has a wonderful album Crest of a Wave, which has 12 wonderful creations, but a special place in our heart has taken his work Childhood Dreams. So many feelings inherent in just three minutes, but it is enough to close your eyes and feel the waves of heat all over the body.”

“У композитора и исполнителя Mark Sutton есть чудесный альбом Crest of a Wave, в котором есть 12 чудных творений, но особое место в нашем сердце заняла его работа Childhood Dreams. Столько чувств заложено всего в трёх минутах, но этого вполне достаточно, чтобы закрыть глаза и почувствовать волны тепла по всему телу.”

From the album "Crest of a Wave", a beautiful solo piano piece.

Mark Sutton is a composer and musician who creates background and theme music with a reflective and nostalgic appeal from his studio in Dorset. His masterful approach to digital orchestration gifts him the ability to compose to brief or to picture. For his non-commissioned work, Mark doesn’t set out with a mission to create a particular piece; instead, he arrives at his pieces, guided by his fingers and directed by his soul.

Since an early age, Mark has been a master of his piano and takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of modern and classical composers and artists, from Chopin to Coldplay, there’s something there for Mark to source from.

Mark’s work combines orchestrated and pure piano tunes, it’s the perfect ’study’ music, and guides the mind, body and soul towards feelings of contentment and peace during the times you wish to relax and unwind.

His 2016 album Quest of The Spirit, offers up 12 tracks of discovery, tracks that chart the evolution of the soul’s journey, an internal voyage everyone takes. Every note, every rise and fall in the music, maps out the way ahead as the sounds escort you on your quest to the very heart of your soul.

Mark Sutton’s music takes listeners on a journey, directed by a man who has masterful control over music and a deep, innate understanding of the human condition.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 24, 2021