Marlon McClain – I Want Your Love

“A clear advantage in "I Want Your Love" is the atmosphere of the song, its vibrant arrangement and the good work of the vocalist, who continues to delight his target audience with explosive hits. A wonderful mix of Funk and Hip-Hop is here for all of us.”

“Однозначным плюсом можно выделить атмосферу трека, бодрую аранжировку и очень хорошую работу вокалиста, который продолжает радовать свою целевую аудиторию новыми, взрывными хитами. Прекрасный симбиоз фанка и хип-хопа, выбран верный вектор развития.”

Veteran acclaimed guitarist, songwriter, producer, artist manager, entrepreneur Marlon McClain will release his new single "I Want Your Love" featuring New York based MC and lyricist BD3 on Friday, March 18th. This is their third collaboration. Their first 2 collaborations "Aint No Stoppin" and "Get Down" garnered over 500, 000 streams and was on over 500 playlists.

"I Want Your Love" continues in that vein a seamless fusion of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul.

In addition to Marlon's funky guitar and BD3's energetic and inspiring vocals I Want Your Love also once again features the production of long time friend and collaborator of Marlon the very talented late Ralph Stacy. who suddenly and sadly passed away a couple months ago. This is one of the last songs Ralph Stacy produced before his passing.

BD3 is that refreshing hip hop artist who flows very comfortably over live instrumentation and is at home in multiple genres,

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 24, 2022