Melvys – Never Loved You (Spotify)

“We love the natural bass present on this composition. The delicate horn section and sultry sounds of a guitar solo pull this together nicely. Her voice moves us through the lyrics in a well-controlled fashion, her voice is flexible, and this track shows it off well. ”

Artist shared few words with Nagamag behind this song inspiration:

"This song has Rnb/Soul and Jazz influences, it was inspired by a personal experience of my life that is detailed in the lyrics. I had a back and forth relationship with someone who ended up sleeping with my ex best friend and I wrote this song to assert that although it may seem as though I got played, in reality I had never loved him, but I did love to like him. The song shows that he was very into me even though he did what he did and I just wasn't into him so personally. Writing this was very cathartic for me at the time of the events that transpired" - Melvys

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 27, 2021