“Feel and hear how the bass melody draws a simple but hypnotic pattern. The vocals seem to read out the spell, the rhythm extends the boundaries of your consciousness and the soil goes from under the feet. And a deep, slow, but confident immersion in the track begins. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Почувствуйте и услышьте, как мелодия баса рисует простой, но гипнотический рисунок. Вокал словно зачитывает заклинание, ритм раздвигает границы вашего сознания и почва уходит из-под ног. И начинается глубокое, медленное, но уверенное погружение в трек.”


CHOP IT UP is the debut single from the Copenhagen based duo MØR.

This electronic and dancy track, addressing numbness and ignorance, embraces the revolt. An invigorating, boost with a touch of melancholy, filled with analog drum machines and synths.

MØR consist of Danish singer and performancemaker Anika Barkan and Swedish electronic musician and composer Mika Forsling.


Reviewed by Nagamag on June 14, 2022