Mr. Dawzo – Hypergalactic Overdrive (Video)

Mr. Dawzo travels back in time to the ’80s with the instrumental Synthwave Anthem Hypergalactic Overdrive. The right retro vibes coming along with a good synthwave video and is hard to resinst its positive vibes. Timeless!

About the artist:
Mr. Dawzo is a breath of fresh air within the electronic community. The San Diego resident has been crafting a sound rooted mostly in the digital world, with computer generated vocals and Retrowave instrumentation galore. It has been a wild ride for the up-and-coming producer, who has moved across the experimental spectrum of EDM production to nail a style that is all his own while bringing the electronic community back to its roots. Chords that seem ripped from an Atari console are captured with the energy of an early Black Sabbath record. While Mr. Dawzo sticks to his guns, he never limits himself and he’s always seeking out new and innovative sounds.

With the debut of an ambitious new single, Hypergalactic Overdrive, his Synthwave muscles get to flex with boundless potential. An upbeat melody with a tropical undertone, the song feels fresh yet familiar, something Mr. Dawzo has looked to perfect in recent years. Man created everything we utilize in music and the digital soundscape, so the emotional core has always been a point of emphasis for him during this process. Hypergalactic Overdrive builds off his debut five-track EP beautifully, and establishes Mr. Dawzo’s name firmly in the scene for years to come!

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 24, 2020