Nelson Elle – Smile (Spotify)

“In the world, there are many musical works of varying quality. The single -Smile- carefully preserved the great sound of musical parts, melodic solos, and magnificent vocals by -Nelson Elle-.”

“В мире существует множество музыкальных творений самого разного качества. В сингле -Smile- бережно сохранено отличное звучание всех музыкальных партий, мелодичные соло и умопомрачительный вокал -Nelson Elle-.”

Writing to understand yourself better. Singing to give your own context a voice. Developing as a person in and from your own music. For Nelson Elle, this takes the form of powerful, emotional and melodic pop. Firmly grounded in jazz, blues and soul, she is – in her mother’s words – “a bright soul who’s not afraid of the dark, a multifaceted artist who spreads joy with masked sorrow.”

Smile is haunting radio pop, in the best possible way. One of those songs that make you happy while still bringing tears to your eyes. You want to dance and break free, but you’re also on the verge of a breakdown. One of those songs that you want to continue forever.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 22, 2021