NOTI – dante (Spotify)

“The success of track -dante- rests on its three pillars; melodic lounge sound, relaxed chill-hop rhythms and pulsating, captivating vocals. Your music library collection will soon be richer. Enjoy!”

“Успех трека -dante- держится на его трёх китах; мелодичность lounge музыки, непринуждённые ритмы chill-hop и пульсирующая мелодия пленительного вокала. Ваша библиотека станет на одну золотую коллекцию богаче. Наслаждайтесь!”

NOTI’s new track Dante dances back and forth between laidback lo-fi and soulful R&B. All but shrouded behind the curtain of the intricate instrumental, an anonymous Italian artist recites the introduction to eponymous poet Dante Alighieri’s Canto V of Inferno (Divina Commedia), instilling the composition with an aura of history and literary mystique. NOTI’s latest release soars to its climax when Anna Rossinelli’s ethereal voice enters the stage and brings Dante‘s final act to a triumphant close. Put your feet up, top off your glass of Chianti - and enjoy!

Benjamin Noti is a Basel-based producer and musician. He has worked with Audio Dope, Steff la Cheffe, The Rumours, Greis, Noti Wümié, Manillio, Anna Rossinelli, James Gruntz, Sam Himself, and the Basel Symphony Orchestra, among many others.

easing is Noti’s first instrumental solo-production. The recent lockdown afforded the highly sought-after songwriter and instrumentalist an opportunity to craft this production at his home studio. The 5-song EP showcases Noti’s wide-ranging abilities as a songwriter and musician, and draws on his rich experience as a fixture in the Swiss scene. Noti’s diverse influences, unified by his distinct, original style, shine through on lead single “85km/h”; an ode to poised motion, the track pulsates, subtly speeds up and slows down but remains ultimately unstoppable - much like the artist himself.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 7, 2021