OG Sweetz – Ellie Mae Jean

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Incredible power emotional heat in every note. Blurring all the boundaries of the Hip-Hop genre, -og Sweetz- reveals his soul in front of the listeners, breaking into their consciousness of deep lyrics and no less deep vocals.”

“Невероятной силы эмоциональный накал в каждой ноте. Размывая все границы жанра Hip-Hop, -OG Sweetz- раскрывает свою душу перед слушателями, врываясь в их сознание глубокой лирикой и не менее глубоким вокалом.”


OG Sweetz dropped a soothing, blues banger that will make you want to find your very own Ella Mae Jean. With his lyrics and raspy style OG Sweetz has his foot on the industry’s neck. Continue to support and stay updated on OG Sweetz.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on April 11, 2022