OLI – Cry (Video)

“”OLI” shares her deep emotional thoughts with us via her beautiful single. We all have experienced moments of sadness which made us cry, but after the rain, the Sun shines again. Dream Pop creation based on a sensitive voice and really supportive lyrical content.”



Continuing a run of graceful and deeply emotive singles, London based singer/songwriter OLI releaseS ‘Cry’. followed by a video by Gabrielle Salonga and Heini Sussane. Salonga has also created the surreal new visuals, artwork and photos for OLI’s current releases.

Beginning with OLI’s irresistible vocals and gently crescendoing synths, ‘Cry’ implores the therapeutic benefits of crying to help make sense of our problems. “I specifically wanted ‘Cry’ to focus on that numb feeling, when you’re unable to even process your emotions and let them go.” OLI explains, “The constant back and forth of knowing something isn’t right inside but wanting to keep going and not seem weak. I’ve always felt crying in general is underappreciated.”

As the song builds, we hear and feel the sense of relief and release that crying provides. OLI says: “The second half of the song is describing how good you feel after. How things really can become clearer in your head if you allow yourself to let it out and stop judging yourself for it.”

OLI’s world of lush, ethereal soundscapes; expansive and inspired visual perspectives, and ingenious, non-conformist alt-pop songwriting has earnt her critical acclaim as well as some extensive support on streaming services. Her last single ‘Don’t Give Up’ saw her gaining ground around the world, including a top 5 placement in the Taiwanese alternative chart.

OLI always knew she was going to be an artist. She moved to London from New Jersey aged 2, and her exceptionally musical family always encouraged her to be creative. “Whenever I would complain about being bored as a child, my mum would tell me to go and create something – so me and my sister would come up with songs and little shows.” She recalls writing her first song at just 7 years old, and grew up in a household filled with music, soaking up influences as diverse as Sade and Dion Warwick to bands like Stereophonics, Supergrass, Razorlight, as well as Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd. With such a contrasting collection of music to grow up on, it’s easy to see why her own sound is so idiosyncratic.

‘Cry’, like all of OLI’s output to date, is co-written and produced by legendary producer Benny D (Stormzy, Boy George, Kylie, Plan B, Robbie Williams, Paloma Faith, Depeche Mode). Benny has also helped to facilitate OLI’s forthcoming collaboration with Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan, due for release in January. More details will be announced soon.


Reviewed by Nagamag on December 21, 2021