“The variety found in the track -mahasani- embodies the whole depth and complexity of -olisae- talent. For sure, the song is unique as part of his genre. Beautiful couplers crossing into powerful chorus... an excellent experiment in vocal processing.”

“Разнообразие в треке -Mahasani- воплощает всю глубину и сложность таланта -Olisae-, потому что песня уникальна в рамках своего жанра. Красивые куплеты пересекающие в мощный припев, отличный эксперимент в обработке вокала. ”


Mahasani is a deeply personal song about the connection Olisae has with his lover. The title is taken from the Lakota language with its etymological meaning 'My Other Skin'. Olisae exposes intimate inner thoughts on the sacred rituals of both their affection and sexual connection. The tracks plays like a visual work of art.


The mononymous Nigerian artist known to his fans as Olisae is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer whose style spans Afropop, dancehall, and Hip-hop.