Paddy Mulcahy – Weave

“-Paddy mulcahy- pleases us with its sincere music, a pleasant and warm melody of Chillwave and high-quality information. If the rhythm is easily compared with the course of the river, then the melody can be compared with the boat that floats along this river. An amazing state that needs to be realized and felt on yourself.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Paddy Mulcahy- радует нас своей искренней музыкой, приятной и тёплой мелодией Chillwave и качественным сведением. Если ритм легко сравнить с течением реки, то мелодию можно сравнить с лодкой, которая плывёт по этой реке. Удивительное состояние, которое нужно осознать и прочувствовать на себе.”

Peace & resolution via electronics, post-classical, avant-pop, chillwave, and ambient music; Ireland’s Paddy Mulcahy has music that shifts moods, with an impeccably deft touch.

“Waves” is a flowing hybrid of avant-pop with a melodic electronic backbone, displaying his blending of emotion and technique is a beautifully honed sound and vision for both head and heart.

Mulcahy’s free-ranging and genre-bending hybrid of post-classical and electronica, his forthcoming album Angel’s Share out August 12th via XXIM Records is a deep and moving work, inspired by loss and anxiety in a time of crisis, though the Irish composer finds a place of peace and resolution. It’s a multi-dimensional work of shifting rhythm, texture, mood and impact, expanding the Irish composer’s instrumental and studio capabilities.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 13, 2022