“The melody creating a certain mood, aimed exclusively to you relax and rest. Test a global reassurance on yourself, bathing in a pleasant, calm melody of folk and enjoy a truly home and such native atmosphere. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия создающая определённое настроение, направленное исключительно на то, чтобы вы расслабились и отдохнули. Испытайте на себе глобальное успокоение, купаясь в приятной, спокойной мелодии фолк и насладитесь по-настоящему домашней и такой родной атмосферой.”


You have probably already worked up to the feeling that your pain was just a dream, until you realise that it is not, and there is no waking up from it.

Pat explains: 'I wrote Low while lying in a hospital bed after my ACL injury one year before my participation in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.' He continues: 'During those terrible moments, you would do anything to forget what is happening to you and to change this unfortunate reality. I then told my brother Max who was sitting next to me: 'What if we write a song that gives hope but without hiding the tough part?'. While one cannot avoid the life's challenges, we have have to accept them before being able to deal with them.