“Light Drum & Bass masterpiece for your special playlist. Chilling atmosphere with cool drops, echoing vocal samples and a bit of hidden power. Prepare a cup of tea and offer yourself an alternate and unforgetable experience.”


Hot on the heels of the success of Over Your Soul, Peter Lix serves up another emotive slice of soulful Drum & Bass.

Championed by the likes of LTJ Bukem, Los Contreras (LDC Radio), Scott Allen (Soul Deep Recordings) Facedee (Flex FM), and Sound Territory, Out In The Cold is receiving heavy support across the radio and podcast spectrum.

Out In The Cold immediately sets a pensive mood, with lonely piano chords and a soulful vocal sample dominating the intro. The track builds with swirling high hats, subtle melodic layering and warm pads, before dropping into smooth beats and a throbbing sub bass.

As the track rolls in, sombre saxophone riffs intermittently dominant the ear space before dissipating into the distance. Clever beat edits, percussive layering and subtle filtering dance around a persistent chord progression, teasing the ears and keeping the head nodding.

Out In The Cold is chilled but thought-provoking, reflective yet energetic. The soundscape paints a tapestry of solitude, sorrow and life on the fringes of hope, while at the same time maintaining a hooky quality that will make it a staple feature in your playlist for months to come.