Rah Figgy – Drive (Spotify)

“Melodic, rhythmic and romantic song that will fill your heart with the beauty of its melody. It has its own thread of narration, style and integrity. Also the vocals can easily impress anyone who listens for the first time. Love at first sight!”

“Мелодичная, ритмичная и романтическая песня, которая наполнит ваши сердца красотой своей мелодии. В ней есть своя нить повествования, стиль и целостность, а вокал сведёт с ума любого, кто услышит его впервые. Любовь с первого взгляда!”



"The world is yours, and when you understand this deep at your core, you realize that there are no limits." A truly talented artist, Rah Figgy is able to capture those emotions that create the human experience. His versality and originality is evident as he incorporates elements of R&B, rock, and hip-hop in his storytelling about love, hardships, and triumph. A song-writing career that began as a 6 year old's dream, Rah Figgy shares his life journey and the various paths along the way that he's crossed as he describes them through conceptual lyrics and unforgettable melodies. "Life is filled with experiences that we can reflect on and draw inspirations from, and I enjoy telling her stories. As a songwriter, I'm here to build the soundtrack for those moments."

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 23, 2022