Two of Us – Get Love (Video)

“In life, chasing your dreams is not that easy at all. If you stop for a moment and look around, you’ll notice that many others try to hold you down, stop you from going forward… “Two of Us” share their passion for music with us via this bright Acoustic single, giving the courage and will to never stop evolving”

Get Love is a song we wrote about every person from our teenage years until now trying to bring us down and stop our passion and dreams about music. There’s people that put their frustrations on others and when you are at the receiving end of it, it really is demotivating and it built a lot of insecurity in us, Constant criticism and pressure can be really hard to take. That’s what Get Love is. It was born out of the necessity of chasing our dreams and never giving up, despite the constant negativity we receive in the road. It’s about turning the hate into love.

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 23, 2022