“This very different song is actually a message to ask for help and support. A real prayer instead! Whether you're into religion or not, it worths to realise the endless posibilities of music creation. Raquel Kiaraa communicates with the divine by using her personal talent.”

Raquel’s latest release ‘Dear Jesus’ is a song for everyone, the soul searcher, sinner, seeker, and all who have experienced the dark night of the soul - Raquel projects on an emotional level rarely found in the pop music scene. Raw and soulful, she pleas to feel the compassion of the universe. Kiarra soars as if on the wind with an undercurrent of soft jazz. This is a time of extreme isolation and loneliness. ‘Dear Jesus’ evokes the hunger for a sign that something larger than us can ease this pain of getting by in this life. The poetry alone weaves a tapestry of belief in the ultimate goodness of human companionship.

This timely spring release of ‘Dear Jesus’ brings a special message of assurance that hope can return.

Hope is what we all long for, and we ask….

Are you listening?
Do you hear me?
Do you care?

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 14, 2021

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