EHNA – Nia Nia (Video)

“Some creations are extremely expressive and an example comes from Ehna. Commercial song of eastern air, full of passion and hot like fire. Irresistible singing performance from a truly attractive artist.”

It gets under your skin in an instant. It sticks into your mind without you even noticing it. It will follow you during the day and night. It will quickly become your newest obsession. Maybe it’s the summery drop, maybe it’s Ehna’s sweet tender voice, maybe it’s the simple melodic line that drives such a strong feeling of daydreaming. One thing is for sure: Ehna’s first release as a solo artist will surely make some waves this year.

Even if she recently joined the Thrace Music family, Ehna has a long love affair with music. Started at only 7 years, when she took her first piano lessons, Ehna’s musical journey crossed paths with Monoir, who immediatly felt the true potential in her voice. From here to Oulala, Ehna’s first single, featuring 3RIN, her highschool friend, was just a step. The first one into an odyssey that would surely bring Ehna’s next hits on the lips and minds of millions of fans worldwide.

TikTok: @itsehna

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 14, 2021