“Beautiful as if morning Sun, opera with accompanying piano on the background. It's amazing how you can convey all those feelings in such a minimalistic sound. Nothing superfluous, only the pulse of delicate silence reminds itself.”

“Прекрасное, словно утреннее солнышко оперное пение с аккомпанирующим пиано на фоне. Удивительно, как можно передать все чувства в таком минималистическом звучании. Ничего лишнего, лишь только пульс безмолвной тишины напоминает о себе.”

Navona Records presents JOYS ABIDING, an album of vocal duets by female composers including previously unpublished duets by British-American composer Rebecca Clarke, the text of which inspired the album title. The extensive track list of duets from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods is performed by Dana Zenobi, soprano, Oliver Worthington, baritone, Chuck Dillard, piano/harpsichord, and David Murray, double bass. JOYS ABIDING aims to elevate the important work of female composers who have historically been excluded from the male-dominated classical duet canon.

Dana Zenobi has earned national recognition as an interpreter of Art Song by women. She has also garnered operatic success in roles ranging from Mozart and Verdi to Mark Adamo and Philip Glass, appearing with Austin Opera, Lyric Opera Cleveland, The Living Opera, Opera in the Heights, line upon line percussion ensemble, and the Austin Civic Orchestra. Both her performing and her studio teaching have received accolades from The American Prize.

At Butler University, she teaches studio voice, pedagogy, diction, and vocal literature courses, and directs the Butler University Vocal Competition. A grateful recipient of the 2020 National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Vocal Pedagogy Award, Zenobi has presented at conferences and festivals including NATS, the International Music By Women Festival, the Voice Foundation, the Pan American Vocology Association (PAVA), Bel Canto Boot Camp, and the Associated Colleges of the South Gender Studies Conference. A native of Northport NY, she earned both a D.M.A. (Voice Performance & Pedagogy) and M.M. (Opera Performance) from The University of Texas at Austin. She holds a dual Bachelor’s degree in Music and Women’s Studies from Duke University.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 24, 2022

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