Riotron – I’m Sorry [ feat. Tom Green ] (Video)

The brilliantly bizarre new video from Canadian retrowave popstar Riotron

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The brainchild of singer/songwriter Jeff Fettes, Riotron is an electro-pop project from Winnipeg, Canada that combines elements of new wave, EDM and even some jazz into a unique sound. The name is derived from the hit song ‘Rio’ by Duran Duran and the 1982 fantasy sci-fi film Tron.

In the delightfully bizarre new video for “I’m Sorry,” Riotron goes to couples therapy…with America! Featuring comedian Tom Green as Riotron’s therapist, this unforgettable short film stars a singing Martin Luther King Jr. Monument, a line-up of drag king Presidents, and the fiercest Statue of Liberty you’ve ever seen.

Says Fettes, “I originally wrote the song because of the division in my family over American politics. I wanted the video to reflect that division, but also how fierce and enduring the USA is.”

The video was directed by Tony Corella and Executive Produced by Jennifer Goodridge who previously partnered to help create the edgy “Mad Hatter” video with Melanie Martinez. Goodridge has previously worked with a number of prominent artists, including George Ezra, Poppy, X Ambassadors and Beck to name a few.

According to director Tony Corella “The deceptively simple concept that ‘I’m Sorry’ puts forward feels like a great canvas to play against the current political landscape— without having to draw any party lines. In a time of global suffering, I’m not sure if there’s a better message.

Reviewed by Nagamag on August 1, 2020