Rockers Control, Cristopher Dilovah – Peace & Love (Spotify)

“A smile manifests itself on your face, regardless of your mood state. Classic and easily recognizable Reggae, in which everything is very simple, but at the same time strong. "Peace & Love" tightens positiveness and integrity, with originality.”

“Улыбка сама проявляется на лице, независимо от состояния и настроения. Классический и легко узнаваемый reggae, в котором всё очень просто, но при этом песня безумно трогает. Затягивает своим позитивом и цельностью, своей харизмой и оригинальностью.”

In the beginning of the 2000s, São Paulo city saw the ebullition of emblematic nights dedicated to dub, a style created in Jamaica in the 1970s, based on sound effects and experiments, and which has unfolded worldwide as a reference and element in many other musical genres.

The parties at Dubversion Sound System, which until today, two decades later, are still in full swing and are a reference in style, received Rockers Control, a band that performed and received live interventions by DJ Yellow P.

After years since the group's first album, “Jacuípe Sessions”, released in 2008, Rockers Control - trio formed by musicians and music producers Bruno Buarque - drums (Criolo, Tatá Aeroplano, Jorge dü Peixe, Estúdio Minduca), Cris Scabello - guitar and voice (Bixiga 70 and Estúdio Traquitana), and MAU - bass (Anelis Assumpção, Karina Buhr, Vitoriano e Seu Conjunto, Comunsbalidos) - released a new album after more than a decade. “Presenting To You - Rockers Control presents Cristopher Dilovah” on November 12th.

The album comes with 10 new tracks, the result of years of work playing together and brings participations such Victor Rice.

“During the pandemic, we revisited the Rockers' collection, which is huge, with older sounds, from our beginnings, as well as many newer ones. While the world was turned upside down, we searched for the effective and affective remedy of music. We've done a singles releases and we've paved the way for 'Presenting To You',” explains Cris Scabello, who on Rockers is Cristopher Dilovah.

“At a time such we live in, the important thing is to walk, together, in the power of sound, existing, resisting and insisting”, emphasizes Rockers Control.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 26, 2021