Lars Bygdén – A Bird and a Star (Spotify)

“The charming ballad, which can be easily compared with the marble ball of the full moon in the night sky. Madly beautiful song, bringing hope in the heart. Ideal music for sunsets with nice company or silent communication. Absolutely beautiful.”

“Очаровательная баллада, которую легко можно сравнить с мраморным шаром луны в ночи. Безумно красивая песня, оставляющая надежду в сердце. Идеальная музыка для закатов, любви, разговоров в тишине или просто созерцать прекрасное.”

In 2018 Lars Bygdén, one of Sweden’s most influential singer/songwriters, released the bleak masterpiece Dark Companion. An album revolving around his wife’s sickness and death.

His new album picks up where the previous one ended. This, the opening track, finds Lars and his daughter at the vicar picking out symbols for the stone. Lars chose a bird, the daughter a star. A dark gospel about love and loss. Amazing arrangement in 60s style, topped with gripping vocals and lyrics.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 26, 2021