Rose Starring – Cherry Coke

“It seems that -Rose Starring- everything is subject to her vocal data! Each new single introduces into a hypnotic state, fully focusing the attention of the listeners on this timbral magic and an atmosphere Electro Pop.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Кажется, что -Rose Starring- с её вокальными данными подвластно всё! Каждый новый сингл вводит в гипнотическое состояние, полностью фокусируя внимание слушателей на этой тембральной магии и атмосфере Electro Pop.”

“Cherry Coke,” Rose Starring’s long-anticipated summer single, is a carefree, 80s-inspired electropop track that will have you dancing with your cherry coke! Omgprkr’s intricate production is both retro and new, combining the best of both worlds to create the perfect summer bop. Written during Rose’s coming of age, “Cherry Coke” encapsulates the confidence and carelessness of teenage-hood while subtly paying tribute to sapphic love.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 22, 2022