S. Salter – The Machine Stops

“This neoclassical composition, as it might seem, prepares you to something unusual, as if you are approaching something unknown and unknown. But the melody at the end seems to fall into the abyss, leaving you in ignorance. Only the charm of the beauty of this creation remains white ash at your feet.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эта неоклассическая композиция, как может показаться, готовит вас к чему-то необычному, как будто вы приближаетесь к нечто неизведанному и непознанному. Но мелодия в конце словно падает в пропасть, оставляя вас в неведении. Лишь очарование красоты этого творения остаётся лежать белым пеплом у ваших ног.”


The Machine Stops lends its name from the short novel written by E.M. Forster in 1909. The delicate piano contrasts with the swelling and straining of the machines in a manner that mirrors the story, the emotiveness of humankind mixed with steely technology. The track builds to a cacophony of sound and textures before tumbling down to emptiness.


Reviewed by Nagamag on July 10, 2022