Saafi Brothers – Mantra Dub

“Dubby Basslines with awesome atmospheric Strings and Dreamy sequences. Saafi brothers delivers a gateway to another musical psychedelic experience. Packed with percussion and great sound design ”

Make Pictures With The Sound’ is the brand new album by the Saafi Brothers on UK label Liquid Sound Design.

The release title is inspired by a quote from legendary British music producer John Leckie, who lends his voice on opening track ‘Beautiful Satellite’. With this album the Saafi Brothers do just that; make pictures with the sound, taking us on a breathtaking journey through their universe of sound, spiralling out from their deep roots in the Psychedelic Dub genre.

Keeping alive the Saafi Brothers’ reputation for chilled out eclecticism, the musical and emotional range for which they are renowned is very much in evidence here. From the rainforest tinged Dub Funk of ‘Ritualized Space’, through the epic deep Techno Sci-Fi soundscape of ‘In Far Away Places’ to the wigged out Acid House of ‘The Possibility of Change’, the album has much to offer for any connoisseur of contemporary Electronica.’

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 16, 2022