“Surprisingly atmospheric sound in which a competent sound reverb, emotional Deep Vocal House, and the presence of ambient light in the background creates the right mood.”

“На удивление атмосферное звучание, в котором грамотная звуковая реверберация, эмоциональный Deep Vocal House и наличие лёгкого эмбиента на фоне создаёт нужное настроение.”

Safran Safari is a Berlin-based producer duo made of Daniel Rünzi and Riccardo Destratis. With club concerts all over the world, productions for artists like Ostblockschlampen and releases on well-known labels like Spinnin’ Records they have a long-lasting experience in electronic music. After their first release as Safran Safari called "Read My Mind" got the attention of hundreds of tastemaker playlists they now release their second track "Night Call". A moody and deep chill house track that features the signature sound of the duo.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 4, 2021

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