Samuel Jack – Carry You Through

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You are sitting in a smoky, immersed in the twilight bar, where you are in Samuel Jack and his charming single. Acoustic melody of the guitar, dopeful consciousness of vocals and the condition of complete rest. Allow yourself to relax and distract from everyday affairs.”

“Вы сидите в задымлённом, погружённом в полумрак баре, где вы в компании -Samuel Jack- и его очаровательного сингла. Акустическая мелодия гитары, дурманящий сознание вокал и состояние полного покоя. Позвольте себе расслабиться и отвлечься от будничных дел.”

Carry You Through, Samuel Jack’s 2nd single off forth coming EP and hot off the back of Wild One see’s the ‘Feels Like Summer’ viral smash artist wearing his heart on his sleeve. In Samuels own words "The song is a message to a very special someone in my life, that id run through walls for. There’s distance between us, but I hope they know that when it comes down to it, when the chips are down, I’d always be there to carry them through."

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 9, 2022