“This track tells the story of the loss of the one you love. In order not to happen in your life, you need to continue to breathe, move and throw firewood into the fire inside your heart. This will help you with a melody and the drunk rhythm of Bedroom and Lo-Fi Pop, which will not let you go to the end of the track.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек повествует историю о потери того, кого ты любишь. Чтобы не происходило в вашей жизни, нужно продолжать дышать, двигаться и подкидывать дрова в огонь внутри вашего сердца. В этом вам помогут мелодия и пьянящий ритм Bedroom и Lo-fi Pop, которые не отпустят вас до конца трека.”

In March 2022 Sasha Daniel and Dov Eagle spent 10 days in the woods of Sweden.
There with very minimal equipment - sound card, mic, 2 headphones, ukulele and a mini Roland JU-06A they recorded a 3 songs EP telling the story of loss and grief after Dov's mom passing in May 2021.
"Wake me Up" is about the donating feeling of losing someone u love and the way to cope with the loss, a reminder to our on mortality.
It's a reminder that we're all mortals and that our time on this plant is limited - its a song about learning to live with the loss and embrace all the feelings that come with it and mostly to learn how to keeping on going with the loss side by side.

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October 4, 2022

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