“No matter how sad the song is represented by the author himself, it is easy to catch the beautiful, very kind and delicate melody in it, on the waves of which the vocals of -scott quinn-, like a lonely boat in the quiet waters of the silent ocean, elegantly swaying.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Какой бы грустной не была представлена песня самим автором, в ней легко уловить прекрасную, очень добрую и нежную мелодию, на волнах которой элегантно покачивается вокал -Scott Quinn-, словно одинокая лодка в тихих водах безмолвного океана.”

Yorkshire born, London-based singer/songwriter Scott Quinn today releases new single "Sad Song" - the first new music to be heard following Quinn's 2021 EP 'BETTER FOR ME' which featured the TikTok viral track "Holding On To Letting Go".

Inspired by pop-songwriting staples such as Julia Michaels, benny blanco and FINNEAS, Scott is without doubt making a case to follow in their star-studded footsteps. Already penning tracks for acts including BTS, Zara Larsson and Keith Urban amongst others, the release of new single "Sad Song" today signals the release of a new EP, due for release later this year via V2 Records / Venice.

Co-produced by German production duo SAIN, "Sad Song" was written about the process of entering into a new relationship while you’re still healing from your previous one - and sees Scott weaving classic balladry with rich, modern production flourishes.

Scott had the following to say on the themes behind the new single:

"I personally write songs retrospectively, and I guess I use them as a form of therapy and a way of healing. This song is essentially an explanation as to why I’m not writing songs about my current relationship. I only really write sad songs and so it’s kind of a hidden gesture of love by saying ‘I don’t want to write a Sad Song about you…’.

I also think it’s important to understand the journey of grief, acceptance and letting go. The second verse sums that up for me… ‘I don’t write songs about them in the hope that they hear me, no. It’s not about now but back then it hurt and I guess I’m still grieving’. I’m over those past relationships but the body and mind take a long time to heal the wounds and get stronger."

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
July 1, 2022

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