“5-10 seconds are enough to understand the mix/master qualities of an artist and release and this is what you get here with first impression from Sebastian G Clarke and his new single Recall. As times moves and beat goes on through a hypnotic atmospheric but in most grooviest way, delivers a rain of harmonic arps and sounds which keep you on and on. Which push you into main arp melodic , with sweet resonance theme. A very atmospheric track!”

"Recall" is my new Progressive House single that has just been premiered on the notable blog When We Dip's sister Soundcloud channel Dancefloor Romancer. The track is inspired in part by the work of Gavin Griffin and Matthew Doyle aka GMJ and Matter (respectively). Some of the sounds used are also inspired by the incredible Dutch producer Alex O'Rion.

Sebastian G Clarke is the Deep, Melodic and Progressive House alias of Electronic Dance Music producer Daniel Sampson. The Seb Clarke style is a fusion of both electronic and organic sounds, ranging from the use of foley and exotic instrument sounds, to vocals and "in the box" synthesized elements.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 7, 2020

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