Hagl by Selsom is an emotive "morning" piano theme with delightful harmonies and beautiful performance. A recording which captures the performance moments of the artist like been sit next and enjoy the silence, where everything filled only from the beauty of the notes.

The Norwegian language has 100 words relating to snow. Hagl, meaning hail, is part of Selsom's one year long project releasing one piano lead Ambient / Neo-classical composition a month. Hagl is a pacy yet mellow solo piano piece, imitating the small, bouncing hail stones, beautiful performed on a Yamaha U1 upright.

Selsom is the composer alias of songwriter and producer Stian Vedøy. Hailing from a windswept west coast island in Norway, with not much else to do other than playing music, Vedøy started having piano lessons as a 6 year old. Having given most of his adult years too his indie folk pop project, Firewoodisland, he has now decided that it is time create an outlet for his piano lead compositions. With hints of misty and organic sounding synths and other sonic nuances, Selsom takes you to an atmospheric and cinematic state of deep focus.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
August 7, 2020

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