“Sharon Ruchman and Sonoro are at the intersection of the new and old era of classical music. Their collaborative album, Simply Sonoro, offers a fusion of classic instruments and a touch of jazz and blues. Delicate piano, divine flute and cello.”

“Sharon Ruchman и Sonoro находятся на стыке новой и старой эпохи классической музыки. Их совместный альбом Simply Sonoro предлагает сочетание классических инструментов и лёгкого вкрапления джазовых и блюзовых нот. Нежнейшее фортепиано, божественная флейта и виолончель.”

This is the first movement of a three movement cello and piano sonata. This first movement is very soulful.

American composer, pianist and violist, Sharon Ruchman, announces the launch of “Simply SONORO,” the first album she composed for SONORO, a musical ensemble reflecting a combination of classically trained musicians juxtaposed with those steeped in Latin, jazz, and blues. Rooted in classical with a combination of 10 original tracks, the versatile album defies genre, displaying a multitude of layers filled with colors, tones, textures and rhythms.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 21, 2021

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