Sjana Rut – Cold

“Although this track has a slight coolness, it evokes exceptionally hot emotions. Its deep lyrics and sometimes expressive manner of performance give it colour and originality. Strong work that can heal wounds, but also leave scars!”

“Хотя от трека и веет лёгкой прохладой, он вызывает исключительно горячие, обжигающие эмоции. Глубокий текст и местами экспрессивная манера исполнения придали ему колорита и самобытности. Музыка, которая способна залечить любые раны, но может оставить и свои рубцы. Сильная работа.”

On November 25th 2021 the Icelandic artist Sjana Rut released her cathartic album ‘Broken’, the first part of a two-part saga, a confronting deep dive into the sexual assault she endured as a child. Released without promotion the album gets a re-launch on April 1st to warm up for he second part, ‘Unbreakable’, that is set to be released in the pre summer. The ‘Broken/Unbreakable’ saga is a concept album focused on the subject matter of sexual child abuse. The album is based on a true story.

Sjana composed and wrote all the songs and lyrics on the album, as well as producing and mixing most songs herself. She then finished the album in another studio with the help of two other musicians. The first part of the saga, ‘Broken’, is set in the past and reflects the heavy side of the journey. It starts innocent, quickly becomes sinister and gets heavier with each track until the story eventually transitions into hope and desperation for better times. It is mostly from her viewpoint as a child, and as an adult slowly coming to realise things.

‘Unbreakable’, on the other hand, is defined by strength, bravery, self-awareness and growth. Sjana confronts the past's shadow and the difficult situations surrounding it with confidence and attitude and does so in a mature, and sometimes, humorous way.

“This is the most important project that I will ever release. With this album, I am not only saying goodbye to this chapter in my life and moving on, but I also hope to inspire and encourage other victims of abuse,” she says.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 31, 2022