Slaine – Chasing Ghosts Official Video (Video)

“Slaine with Chasing Ghosts please us with a hip hop track which stands out with quality diversity both in lyrics and melodic lines, and a wonderful chorus which showcases his impressive vocal capabilities. Memorable! ”

Slaine is “Chasing Ghosts” of a failed relationship in his stripped-down, new performance video. Evoking stories of the struggles and pain he experienced with a loved one while they both were healing from addiction, “Chasing Ghosts” exemplifies the honesty in Slaine’s writing, and sets the stage for his forthcoming LP, The Things We Can’t Forgive.

The video is directed by ILL MANNERED Films, and their vision allows you to fully digest Slaine’s lyrics while also living into the musicianship The Arcitype gave to “Chasing Ghosts.”

Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred digital retailer to pre-order, The Things We Can’t Forgive, where “Chasing Ghosts” and the previously released, “Revolver,” are available for ‘instant grat.’ The ten track LP is due out Feb. 12 via AR Classic Records/Perfect Time Music Group.

01. When the War Ends (feat. ILL BILL)
02. Everything Once (feat. Rite Hook)
03. Blurry Eyed (feat. Claire Whall)
04. Revolver
05. Wrath & Pride (feat. Snak The Ripper)
06. Chasing Ghosts (feat. Rite Hook)
07. Beautiful
08. Not Enough (feat. Rite Hook)
09. The Things We Can’t Forgive (feat. Rike Hook)
10. Legend of the Fall

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 1, 2021