Thomas Valverde – Rave (Music video) (Video)

“Thomas Valverde’s insanely atmospheric, flattering and completely unobtrusive music. Wallpapers of ambience and tender piano melody.”

“Безумно атмосферная, обволакивающая и совсем ненавязчивая музыка Thomas Valverde. Фоновые слои эмбиента и нежнейшая мелодия пиано.”

« Rave » is a kind of slow-motion instrumental techno, dark and beautiful.
The piano with a soft sound is mixed with a mesmerising synth. The two trace a dark and marvellous path
among dissimilar beings who commune though a slow and sensual dance.

We dive into the night when the bodies dance and exult. We frame in slow motion to better capture
and admire this feeling of freedom and communion.

The music video is created and directed by Arhur Valverde. It is taken directly from his Fashion Film
« Rave » (released in 2018) for which Thomas Valverde had previously composed a first arrangement of « Rave ».
The two brothers regularly works together.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 1, 2021