“Rich in the sonic palette and slightly psychedelic -I'm a Monster, Can not You See -? Is a living example of a creative incorruptible man. Captivates its integrity and self-sufficiency. Love to experiment and tube sound synthpop captured in every note.”

“Богатая на звуковую палитру и немного психоделическая -I'm a Monster, Can't You See?- живой пример творчески нетленного человека. Подкупает своей цельностью и самодостаточностью. Любовь к экспериментам и ламповому звучанию synthpop улавливается в каждой ноте.”

"I'm a monster, can't you see?" is a song about the beauty of emotions, about vegetables, radical honesty and about the wild, animalic creature of love. It's a passionate rebellion against the manner of locking the creature in cages out of fear that it might disappear eventually.

Artist Quote:

"I'm a monster, can't you see?" is a song, that I wrote reflecting back on my marriage and different relationship struggles I experienced. Relationships always felt like cages to me and breaking out of that cage always made me feel like the villain, as if it was a crime to commit. I am wondering if I can ever be honest with myself in a relationship. And I'm wondering if I can ever really be myself in there.

There is a beauty in love and the rush of emotions. I can relate to the need of locking that wild, animalic creature into a cage. But I'm not a friend of zoos apparently."

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 22, 2021

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