“A more acoustic version of the already successful “Until I Found You” has come to add its colour in the Lo-fi Pop world. Strongly emotional lyrics, which come from the artist’s heart. Also performed clearly and simply enough to reveal a sensitive soul.”

After igniting TikTok with just a snippet, buzzing singer and songwriter Stephen Sanchez unveils the official Piano Version of his viral single “Until I Found You” today. Listen to “Until I Found You (Piano Version)”—HERE.

He initially teased this reimagining on TikTok, and it exploded to the tune of nearly 6.5 million views so far. The stripped and stark piano-driven rendition instantly captivates, highlighting his raw delivery and emotionally charged lyrics. His voice cuts deep on lines such as, “I was lost within the dark, but then I found her.” It highlights his vulnerability and vitality as a songwriter all at once.

The original “Until I Found You” continues to make waves. It vaulted into the Top 5 of the Spotify Daily Viral Songs USA Chart, Top 10 on the Spotify UK Viral Chart and Top 10 of the Spotify Daily Viral Songs Global Chart. Meanwhile, it went Top 10 on the Apple Music Singer Songwriter Chart, and has gathered nearly 10 million streams worldwide since release.

In addition, recently he released his debut What Was, Not Now EP executive produced by Ian Fitchuck (Kacey Musgraves & James Bay). The EP featured tracks including “Kayla” which attracted widespread praise. Among numerous critical plugs, Qore Music Co. hailed it as “stunning” and went on to write, “rarely does an artist come storming onto the scene like Stephen Sanchez.”PLNKWIFI promised, “longing for someone you wish you could have built a stronger bond with sounds painful, but thanks toStephen Sanchez, it has never

With only eight songs out, Stephen created a following for himself after posting his song “Lady By The Sea” which racked up over 7 million Spotify streams. Since then he has reached nearly 5 million likes on the platform, has over 180,000 fans and has amassed over 103 million views across all videos posted.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 19, 2022

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