“Fluctuations of the water surface early in the morning, almost lit up the peaceful landscape. -Steve Luck- created the beautiful, melodic and gentle composition -Oscillation-. An artwork in the world of classical piano music.”

“Колебания водной глади у самого мыса ранним, почти что озаривший утренний пейзаж. -Steve Luck- сотворил красивую, мелодичную, нежную композицию -Oscillation-. Произведение искусства в мире классической, фортепианной музыки.”

Oscillation is defined as a movement back and forth in a regular rhythm. It also refers to a fluctuation between beliefs, opinions and conditions. Emerging from lockdown, this piece reflects the feeling of uncertainty, felt during the Covid 19 pandemic. It has a simple poignancy and as ever amongst the intimate and meditative mood you can detect a little bit of hope.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 19, 2021

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